Questions and Answers

How to choose the PR Agency?

That’s a right question to ask. And actually the right answer to this question or rather the choice of the right PR Agency proves level of the professionalism and the wisdom of the company’s leader. But the risk to make a mistake will be considerably low or even missing once you’re the PR Agency PARC Communications is your choice.

How to evaluate the results and achievements of the PR Agency?

The PR efficiency is not that visible as the advertisement efficiency. To measure the exact indicators of the PR effectiveness is not an easy task, but there still are special, methods to do it. Once you feel that the task for your communication activity is entirely or partly done, that there is a positive and the expected change in the attitude of close to you people (target groups) towards you and your problem, that your attitude is changed towards it, we can assert that there is a result. And that’s the very moment when you can realize that the money for the PR services was well spent.

How to start the cooperation with the PR Agency PARC Communications?

Contact us. Write, call, and meet us. Let’s ask each other the right questions and let’s get the answers. We will evaluate the each other’s possibilities and we shall conclude an agreement on cooperation.

What are the prices for the services provided by the PR Agency?

Before answering this question, find out the answer to the following one: how valuable are for you the solution of your communication problems and tasks? Obviouslya high quality requires adequate costs. We perceive for our services both, fixed fee and a floating fee according to the required services.  For example we have had such projects that required one week period for the implementation and for which the client paid 6 thousand euro. But we also had, have and will have such category of projects which cost about 600 Euro a month.

The costs of our services depend on several factors:

•           How we will run the project: the entire project or just parts of it?

•           Does your company have among its employees a PR manager? Will the PR Manager contribute?

•           How fast does the Customer-company want the result?

•           How many persons from the Customer’s side will be controlling the works done/going to be done in the frame of the project: the director alone or 28 persons (PR-manager, Marketing Director, HR Specialist, Top Personal Assistant and others)?

Is your Agency working with the subcontractors? Or is it you who is doing everything?

Yes. We have a database of tested and proven subcontractors: printing houses, video studios, professional journalists and designers, catering companies, and others. We assume the entire responsibility for the quality of their work.