Promotion of the informative system

PARC Communication organized a campaign to raise awareness among agricultural producers and beekeepers about the BeeProtect web application as a new communication platform, which was implemented by the National Agency for Food Safety (ANSA) in partnership with the National Association of Beekeepers of the Republic of Moldova (ANARM) with support from the USAID Moldova Rural […]

Foreign Investors for Moldova’s Sustainable Development

In October 2022, as part of a communication campaign and international conference, FIA member companies shared their sustainable development experience and advocated for consolidation of Moldova’s sustainable development efforts. PARC Communications, a PR agency, has been working with FIA since 2005. Task: Foreign investors have been developing their business in Moldova for several decades. Statistics […]

  • February 7 2023

Communication campaign “Electronics – the profession of the future!”

In spring 2022, PARC Communications, a PR agency, organized an information campaign for the Association of Companies of the Electronic Industry of Moldova (ACEM) – “Electronics – Your Future!” The campaign was organized with the support of the Moldovan Government Economic Policy Consultation Project, implemented by GIZ Moldova with the financial support of the German […]

  • December 5 2022

Communication campaign “EU for Rural Moldova”

The Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Moldova has initiated a communication campaign “EU for Rural Moldova”, aimed at highlighting the results and changes achieved in rural areas, as well as the opportunities provided by the European Union for the development of rural communities in the Republic of Moldova. Task: The communication […]

Promotion of digital transformation of services of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Moldova

PARC Communications supported the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Moldova in developing and implementing a public awareness campaign about the online platform The project was implemented with the financial support of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) within the project “Optimal opportunities through technology and innovation in Moldova”, […]

“Find your story” communication campaign

The Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Bulgaria has implemented an integrated communication campaign to promote Bulgaria as an attractive tourist destination to target markets in neighboring countries, including the Republic of Moldova. Resolution: The project included two waves of outdoor advertising in key locations in Chisinau, an online banner campaign, a social media […]

Communication campaign #PeopleForBees

PARC Communication organized a campaign to raise awareness among farmers and beekeepers about the need to protect bees, under the slogan #PeopleForBees, which was implemented by the Republican Union of Associations of Agricultural Producers UniAgroProtect in partnership with the National Association of Beekeepers of the Republic of Moldova (ANARM), with the support of the USAID […]

Communication support for digitalization of SMEs

To reduce the impact of the COVID- 19 crisis on small and medium-sized businesses, PARC Communication specialists provided support and strengthened the general communication matters of the Organization of Small and Medium Enterprises Sector Development (ODIMM), under a contract with GIZ Moldova. Task: To inform SMEs on the importance of business digitization, during the COVID-19 […]

Open Doors Day in a new format

Vocational schools, unlike other educational institutions, participate in informing and guiding young specialists, so necessary in the economy. However, nowadays fewer and fewer students choose vocational schools to continue their studies after graduating from high school. Task: Organizing an online communication campaign for two vocational schools, in order to attract applicants and popularize the professions […]

Development of infographics for

The Moldova Structural Reform Program is a four-year project that aims to improve the business and trade enabling environment in Moldova by helping Government of Moldova institutions and private sector. Task: Develop communication materials for the Trade Information Portal. Challenge: Development and creation of 10 communication materials (video animation and infographics) that are interesting as […]

Communication Campaign US-RM “Successful Together”

The US Embassy in the Republic of Moldova decided to conduct a large-scale communication campaign, which should bring together and show the wide range of US assistance to the Moldovan people. In the most important areas in the past, present and future. Task: Communication should be as direct as possible and clearly identify US affiliations […]

America Days in the Republic of Moldova

The US Embassy in the Republic of Moldova decided to hold a series of mass events in six cities of the Republic of Moldova to talk about US assistance projects and invite Moldovans to get acquainted with American culture, music, cinema, sports and food. Task: To organize a series of mass events with a friendly […]

Corporate PR at industrial scale

Moldo-German company Südzucker Moldova, the leader of the sugar market of Moldova, has been working with the PR agency PARC Communications since 2004. Task: Develop, promote and update the corporate image of the company. To promote the formation of constructive relations with all stakeholders. Challenge: The sugar market in the Republic of Moldova, as in […]

National Women Forums in Moldova

The National Platform of Women of the Republic of Moldova annually organizes forums that summarize the results of the year. The agency has organized the forums in 2017 and 2018. Task: Organize a representative and engaging event that inspires Moldovan women to do business. Challenge: Communication before, during and after the event should create a […]

Domnita – Unforgettable sweet moments

“Domnita” brand has been available to consumers for 12 years and is one of the most recognizable niche brands. Task: To refresh brand image based on the values of the Moldovan family – love, warmth, mutual understanding and care for loved ones. Challenge: Develop a communication campaign that would forge a powerful emotion for the […]

FIA 15 years investing in future

Part of FIA are 18 biggest foreign investors in the Republic of Moldova from 11 countries, leaders in the national economy sectors. The PR agency PARC Communications has been working with FIA since 2005, the event was organized on September 20, 2018. Task: To present within the framework of the 15th anniversary of the organization […]

EU prizes for the civil society

The European Union actively supports the development of civil society in the Republic of Moldova. Many NGOs implement projects funded by the EU and have inspiring success stories. Task: To develop and organize the first European Union Awards Gala for Civil Society in the Republic of Moldova, an event meant to reflect EU assistance to […]

Support the NGO that represents you

The five-year project “Moldova Partnerships for Sustainable Civil Society (MPSCS)” collaborated with more than 250 Moldovan NGOs throughout the country. The project supported these organizations with grants, mentoring, and training. The project was implemented by fhi360 and was funded by USAID. Task: Establish and implement a communication program that develops the skills of NGOs and […]

Sugar Beet Field Days

Every year, Südzucker Moldova holds, together with partner suppliers of equipment and technologies for the agricultural sector, the traditional “Sugar beet field day”. Task: Südzucker Moldova Field Day was the first event of this kind, the experience of which the company took over from the European parent concern. It was necessary to adapt the European […]

Large-scale events on the occasion of Europe Day

Since 2010, PARC Communications has been involved in organizing events for the EU Delegation in the Republic of Moldova on the occasion of Europe Day celebration. The agency has worked on this project for about 7 years as part of the annual “Visibility of EU and EU assistance” projects. Task: Develop an annual strategy and […]

NOVATECA – training and branding for 12 public libraries

Through a five-year national program, Novateca is providing Moldovan citizens with access to relevant information and modern, locally tailored services in public libraries to enrich their lives, drawing on technology tools and trained librarians who can guide them in this process. Task: Deliver consultancy services to train librarians on institutional communication and visual brand identity. […]

Corporate PR in the banking sector

BC Comertbank – first commercial bank in the Republic of Moldova was established at the stage of birth of commercial trade and private business in Moldova in 1990. The agency has been operating the corporate PR of the bank since 2008. Task: Update and promote the corporate image of the bank, interacting with the marketing […]

Public Finances for Your Easy Understanding

In the period 2014-2018, the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Moldova with the support of European Union implemented the program “Public Finance and Budget Responsibility”. PR agency PARC Communications organized in spring 2018 an event and a campaign for the project. Task: Develop a communication campaign “Public Finances for Your Easy Understanding” and […]

Video success stories about civil society achievements

The PR agency PARC Communications under the contract with Family Health International (FHI360), the Moldova Partnership for Sustainable Civil Society (MPSCS) project has produced a series of video stories on the achievements of civil society. The agency developed the concept and scenario and produced five video stories showcasing how supported CSOs by MPSCS have been […]

White Book FIA 2017

The White Book is being promoted by the Foreign Investors Association (FIA) as a real platform for the dialogue between the business environment and the Moldovan authorities. In September 2017, the fifth edition was presented. The PR agency PARC Communications has been organizing presentations of White Book and working with FIA since 2005. Task: In […]

„Regina Dulce” Festival

On September 10, 2017 PR-agency PARC Communications organized in Drochia, the first sweets and sugar beet Festival entitled “Regina Dulce”. The festival was organized on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Drochia sugar factory of Südzucker Moldova company, with which the agency has been working for more than 15 years. Task: Develop and […]

Festivals “Moldova-discover the routes of life”

Events organized in Moldovan villages are an excellent opportunity to promote tourism and to get to know our traditions. During 2017, the PR-agency PARC Communications has provided communication support for a number of festivals included in the annual calendar of events of the national brand “Pomul Vietii”. Task: Develop branding and provide communication support for […]

“Casuta Mea” Cow Festival

The dairy product brand “Casuta Mea” is owned by LAPMOL, the leader of the Moldovan dairy industry in the production of natural dairy products from Moldovan milk. PR-agency PARC Communications has been working with the company since 2014 and has organized several communication campaigns, including two “Cow Festivals”. Task: Develop and organize a mass event, […]

European Training Foundation (ETF)

The European Training Foundation is a European Union agency that helps transition and developing countries harness the potential of their human capital through the reform of education, training and labor market systems, and in the context of the EU’s external relations policy. Based in Turin, Italy, the ETF has been operational since 1994. Since 2012, […]

  • March 21 2017

Europe for Moldova

Within the framework of the annual EU Delegation projects “Communication and visibility of EU assistance” implemented by PR agency PARC Communications from 2010, in 2015-2016, the “Europe for Moldova” information campaign was launched. Task: Develop and organize a communication campaign emphasizing the massive EU support provided to the Republic of Moldova in all areas. Challenge: […]

European Forum of Employers in Moldova

On 6th October 2016 PR agency PARC Communications had organized the second European Forum of Employers in Moldova. European Forum of Employers in Moldova was organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry France-Moldova in partnership with the EU Delegation to the Republic of Moldova, Ministry of Education, Francophone University Agency, Moldovan-German Economic Cooperation Association […]

Campaign “Red Card for corruption”

In the period June-July 2016, the PARC Communications agency has organized the broadcast of 4 championship matches within the EURO 2016, part of the information campaign of the EU Delegation to the Republic of Moldova “Red Card for corruption”. Task: Attract people’s attention to the issues related to corruption, the rule of law and an […]

Regional Parliamentary Forums

In the period October 2015 – June 2016, PR Agency PARC Communications organized 15 Regional Parliamentary Forums “Dialogue with Citizens” in the cities of the Republic of Moldova within the joint project of UNDP and UN Women “Women in politics”. In the framework of Regional Parliamentary Forums, deputies of the Parliament of the Republic of […]

Velohora 2016

Velohora Festival is the biggest bike event held annually in Moldova. Event organizer is the natural mineral water Gura Cainarului. In 2016, the race was attended by 14 thousand people. At the first festival in 2009 – about 1500. For the first time this year, Velohora festival lasted for two days, 350 artists have performed […]

  • June 5 2016

Update Moldova

Communication Campaign Update Moldova, aimed at improving the business environment in the Republic of Moldova, was organized in collaboration with PARC Communications and Casa Imago. The campaign was carried out with USAID BRITE financial support and promoted six reforms aimed at reducing the costs and risks of doing business in Moldova. To inform businesses and […]

  • May 18 2016

Europe for You

Since October 2014 till September 2015 PR-Agency PARC Communications organized a communication campaign EUROPA PENTRU TINE (Europe for You) with the help of the European Union, designed to support the changes taking place in Moldova. This non-political awareness campaign was carried out in the framework of the project “Partnership for Sustainable Civil Society in Moldova» […]

  • April 20 2015

Moldovan Championship of Managerial Art

From 2006 till 2013, in Chisinau was held the Moldovan Championship of Managerial Art for adults and youth. The event was organized by PR Agency PARC Communications in cooperation with the Federation of managerial Art and School of Business Communication. Championships attracted the attention of hundreds of young people and professional managers and enjoyed popularity […]

  • July 18 2013

Move together with OM

In the years 2011 – 2013, the PR Agency PARC Communications organized for the drinking water “OM” the social project “Move together with OM!”. Within the project, during 8 weeks, professional fitness trainers conducted twice a day two set of exercises – in the mornings and in the evenings. Media partners kept people informed. The […]

  • June 15 2013

Elit Tehnica – 10th anniversary

The PR Agency PARC Communications organized several festive events within the 10th anniversary of the company Elit Tehnica – the leader on Moldavian market delivering the technical equipment and technology for agriculture.  In the group of the Elitt company, along with Elit Tehnica enter Agroelit and Elitagrotehnologie. The company is building the biggest in the […]

  • July 31 2012

The biggest sushi panel

The brand DALBA established a new record – the biggest sushi panel in Moldova! The panel was made by chefs from the popular restaurant network “Planeta Sushi”. The panel was 3 meters long, and 2,3 meters wide. In order to make this panel, there were used more than 10 500 sushi rolls made out of […]

  • May 16 2012

The information campaign «No to Corruption in the universities»

The project goal was to motivate students and teachers from universities to combat corruption. The campaign has caused an active response from both students and teachers and the general population. Social perception of the message was that the students together with the Ministry of Education fight against corruption in the higher education system.The Agency has developed and […]

  • October 18 2006