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Europe for You

Since October 2014 till September 2015 PR-Agency PARC Communications organized a communication campaign EUROPA PENTRU TINE (Europe for You) with the help of the European Union, designed to support the changes taking place in Moldova. This non-political awareness campaign was carried out in the framework of the project “Partnership for Sustainable Civil Society in Moldova» […]

20,Apr,2015 Projects agency
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Moldovan Championship of Managerial Art

From 2006 till 2013, in Chisinau was held the Moldovan Championship of Managerial Art for adults and youth. The event was organized by PR Agency PARC Communications in cooperation with the Federation of managerial Art and School of Business Communication. Championships attracted the attention of hundreds of young people and professional managers and enjoyed popularity […]

18,Jul,2013 Projects agency
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Move together with OM

In the years 2011 – 2013, the PR Agency PARC Communications organized for the drinking water “OM” the social project “Move together with OM!”. Within the project, during 8 weeks, professional fitness trainers conducted twice a day two set of exercises – in the mornings and in the evenings. Media partners kept people informed. The […]

15,Jun,2013 Projects agency
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Learn NGO

The communication campaign “Learn the NGO that represents you!” was organized by PR-agency PARC Communications in 2010-2012 within the Moldova Civil Society Strengthening Program (MCSSP), implemented by FHI 360 with the USAID support. Agency provided press releases, organized press conferences, round tables, seminars, conferences, forums; also provided media coverage of success stories; organized series of […]

16,Sep,2012 Projects agency
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Elit Tehnica – 10th anniversary

The PR Agency PARC Communications organized several festive events within the 10th anniversary of the company Elit Tehnica – the leader on Moldavian market delivering the technical equipment and technology for agriculture.  In the group of the Elitt company, along with Elit Tehnica enter Agroelit and Elitagrotehnologie. The company is building the biggest in the […]

31,Jul,2012 Projects agency
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The biggest sushi panel

The brand DALBA established a new record – the biggest sushi panel in Moldova! The panel was made by chefs from the popular restaurant network “Planeta Sushi”. The panel was 3 meters long, and 2,3 meters wide. In order to make this panel, there were used more than 10 500 sushi rolls made out of […]

16,May,2012 Projects agency
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The information campaign «No to Corruption in the universities»

The project goal was to motivate students and teachers from universities to combat corruption. The campaign has caused an active response from both students and teachers and the general population. Social perception of the message was that the students together with the Ministry of Education fight against corruption in the higher education system.The Agency has developed and […]

18,Oct,2006 Projects agency
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