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Europe for Moldova

As part of the information campaign “Europe for Moldova” organized by PR-agency PARC Communications, EU Delegation in Moldova tells the general public about the European aid, reflecting specific results and success stories. Information portal covered three campaign slogan: For a better life! For a better economy! For a better state! At the heart of […]

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Dialogue with citizens

Since October 2015 till June 2016 PR Agency PARC Communications organized 15 regional parliamentary forum “Dialogue with citizens” in the cities of the Republic of Moldova within the joint project of UNDP and UN Women «Women in politics”. Within the framework of regional parliamentary forum of the Parliament deputies met with the citizens, including representatives […]

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Update Moldova

Communication Campaign Update Moldova, aimed at improving the business environment in the Republic of Moldova, was organized in collaboration with PARC Communications and Casa Imago. The campaign was carried out with USAID BRITE financial support and promoted six reforms aimed at reducing the costs and risks of doing business in Moldova. To inform businesses and […]

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Communication support for EU

Since 2010 PR-Agency PARC Communications participates in the organization of the annual project “Communication and visualization of the European Union to the Republic of Moldova.” The Agency is developing a communication strategy and annual plan, organizes public discussions, business forums, press conferences, press tours for a greater awareness of the EU process provided to the […]

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Europe for You

Since October 2014 till September 2015 PR-Agency PARC Communications organized a communication campaign EUROPA PENTRU TINE (Europe for You) with the help of the European Union, designed to support the changes taking place in Moldova. This non-political awareness campaign was carried out in the framework of the project “Partnership for Sustainable Civil Society in Moldova» […]

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Communication trainings for NGO

PR-agency PARC Communications organized 6 trainings for NGO representatives and local authorities “Professional communication can accommodate more”. Trainings were held with the assistance of the “Supporting measures for trust building ” program, which is funded by the European Union and implemented by UNDP. PARC Communications developed a methodology and training program, including the most important […]

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Learn NGO

The communication campaign “Learn the NGO that represents you!” was organized by PR-agency PARC Communications in 2010-2012 within the Moldova Civil Society Strengthening Program (MCSSP), implemented by FHI 360 with the USAID support. Agency provided press releases, organized press conferences, round tables, seminars, conferences, forums; also provided media coverage of success stories; organized series of […]

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