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Support the NGO that represents you

The five-year project “Moldova Partnerships for Sustainable Civil Society (MPSCS)” collaborated with more than 250 Moldovan NGOs throughout the country. The project supported these organizations with grants, mentoring, and training. The project was implemented by fhi360 and was funded by USAID. Task: Establish and implement a communication program that develops the skills of NGOs and […]

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Public Finances for Your Easy Understanding

In the period 2014-2018, the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Moldova with the support of European Union implemented the program “Public Finance and Budget Responsibility”. PR agency PARC Communications organized in spring 2018 an event and a campaign for the project. Task: Develop a communication campaign “Public Finances for Your Easy Understanding” and […]

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Video success stories about civil society achievements

The PR agency PARC Communications under the contract with Family Health International (FHI360), the Moldova Partnership for Sustainable Civil Society (MPSCS) project has produced a series of video stories on the achievements of civil society. The agency developed the concept and scenario and produced five video stories showcasing how supported CSOs by MPSCS have been […]

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Europe for Moldova

Within the framework of the annual EU Delegation projects “Communication and visibility of EU assistance” implemented by PR agency PARC Communications from 2010, in 2015-2016, the “Europe for Moldova” information campaign was launched. Task: Develop and organize a communication campaign emphasizing the massive EU support provided to the Republic of Moldova in all areas. Challenge: […]

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Campaign “Red Card for corruption”

In the period June-July 2016, the PARC Communications agency has organized the broadcast of 4 championship matches within the EURO 2016, part of the information campaign of the EU Delegation to the Republic of Moldova “Red Card for corruption”. Task: Attract people’s attention to the issues related to corruption, the rule of law and an […]

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