Traditional PR

Reputation valued at all times , and today it has become a major asset. We take responsibility for the strategy and reputation management for all groups of your stakeholders - from employees and shareholders , to journalists and consumers.  

Henry Ford said: "If you do not do your reputation , then rest assured , you will do it for your competitors ." The sooner you decide to take over the management of your reputation , the lower the risk will be able to seriously interfere with you in your business . We will be glad to be your partner and consultant in the field :

  • Development of PR- strategy
  • Media Relations
  • Crisis PR
  • Corporate PR
  • Grocery PR
  • Research and studies

PR events

The event at 100 - when its members get more than expected. We will develop and implement events of any size and format , to your target audience to share your ideas and began to trust you even more.

The successful organization of events begins with ideas and concepts , and the right to choose their format ; based on thorough work with guests, adjusted scenario , the creative flow of information; well and completed a full feedback and report . We undertake the complete organization of events and management activities :

  • Press events - press conference , press tour , a press lunch
  • Official events for clients , partners, and employees
  • Large-scale events - conferences, national and regional forums
  • Festivals and mass celebrations
  • Trade shows and sales presentations
  • Seminars and workshops

Digital PR

Social care media changed the world forever . Every day, new opportunities , and & nbsp; the risks to the reputation of companies and organizations . We will develop and implement an online strategy, We will build a dialogue so that you become closer and more understandable to those who you are interested in .

Every day, millions of users around the world to share their opinions and views on topics important to them and how organizations and companies react to the feedback , will gain depends on whether or lose its customers . Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Strategy Online Presence
  • Creating and filling the pages in social networks
  • Working with bloggers and opinion leaders
  • Create text , photo and video content
  • Web Analytics
  • Creating doing social networking policy for employees