PR support and reputation management

In a world under the pressure of fake news, people believe less in the news released by general media and amplified on social networks but continue to give credit to primary sources of information, ie to those who directly generate messages or events. Therefore, these are the companies | brands that have the opportunity to be heard directly by the public, regardless of the targeting. They can tell about their work, about the failures, the recorded successes and all that in real time, every day, every moment.

Our PR-managers will become part of your team and will provide PR-support and management of your reputation in real time, relying on the competence and expertise of the entire agency:

  • Integrated PR strategy influence groups | integration with marketing strategy | synergy of communication channels | media relations | website and pages in social networks, etc.
  • Creative PR concepts design and visualization | event creation | story creation | video production, infographics, printing, etc
  • Internal PR corporate culture | image of the leader | internal community | internal information system | social networks for staff | training and workshops
  • Employer branding EVP (Employer|employee value proposition)| analysis of the situation | assessment | developing messages for target groups | the development of the institutional spirit
  • Anti-crisis PR risk monitoring | managing prompt responses| crisis localization | reputation strategies

Organization of engaging PR events

In a world full of events, people have become more selective, choosing the most valuable ones for them, which bring satisfaction and generate new states. Events are not just networking platforms, but also self-awareness, self-knowledge, self-identification platforms.

We can create special events in which your messages will target the expectations of the most selective public.

  • Mass events – Festivals | fairs large events
  • Media events – Press conferences | press visits | briefings | media battles
  • B2B events – Networking events | conferences | forums | exhibitions | business dinners | business presentations | trainings and workshops
  • Corporate events – Corporate parties | official presentations | external events | launches and inaugurations

Organization of PR campaigns that change the world

PR campaigns continue to remain a must, especially for good deeds or good intentions, or the desire to change behaviors. Campaigns unite people, create virality, provides space for manifestation, change attitudes and societies.

Our agency develops and implements PR campaigns based on good documentation and creative ideas:

  • Awareness PR-campaigns – awareness and information campaignsstrategy | messages | creative concept | production | mediatization | digital | interaction with local authorities | events in the territories
  • Social PR-campaigns – call to action campaignspromoting messages | partnership with NGOs | media partnerships | influencers involvement | mobilizing social networks | offline
  • Advocacy PR-campaigns – perceptions change and social problems solving campaigns media analysis | message map | working with journalists and influencers| events with stakeholders

Integration of PR in marketing activities

Brands are under the magnifying glass every day, and their visibility has become even greater under the influence of new channels of communication. Today there are no more brands without a Facebook or Instagram account, and the numbers from the statistics are not the only way to assess their impact on their audience. Here comes the role of PR, which creates a simple and friendly atmosphere for communication that will make marketing messages more accessible and more attractive to consumers.

In close cooperation with marketers, we will create the most effective tools and platforms for communication:

  • Brand reputation management – brand content concept | message map | working with online and offline reputation | real-time interaction | prompt response to negative | mediation in conflicts
  • Brand community creation – keeping communities in social media | creative content | event development | offline with consumers
  • Brand Interaction with Influencers - audit of micro and macro influencers | influencer map | building long-term relationships | affiliate programs
  • Digital content development – for social networks | sites and landing pages | and other online resources | production and advertising | blogging