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Alexandr Bejenari. From the PR point of view, there is no one more dangerous and more useful than your own employees

The first PR-agency in the Republic of Moldova, Parc Communications, recently turned 15 years old. From the foundation, it is managed by Alexandr Bejenari. For the modern history of the PR in the Republic of Moldova, Alexandr is a “dinosaur” that has been perfectly preserved and adapted to the new working conditions. He will not […]

20,Mar,2019 Blog agency
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Questions and Answers

How to choose the PR Agency? That’s a right question to ask. And actually the right answer to this question or rather the choice of the right PR Agency proves level of the professionalism and the wisdom of the company’s leader. But the risk to make a mistake will be considerably low or even missing […]

19,Sep,2016 Blog agency
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